DRAFT: Low Point of My Life

Yesterday evening marked the low point of my life.  I have often mocked these people.  Now I am one of them.  At the insistence of my wife, we went to an adult coloring class at the local public library.  The library provided the coloring pencils and images to color.  Some of the attendants--millennials, to be exact--were more professional and brought their own coloring set.   I was amazed at how seriously they took this endeavor.  It was mostly older people with nothing better to do.


To help us with our concentration, we were served snacks and drinks.


For my selection, I chose a British-flagged ship decked out with cannons and being tossed about on a rough sea.  When I have time, I will post my artwork.  My wife chose a mermaid.  When it comes to opinions, I generally come out on the losing end when it comes to my four-year-old.  In this case, he preferred ships better than mermaids, so my artwork was deemed to be the best.  He did not participate in the coloring activities.  Mercifully, the organizer provided him with distractions.


Yes.  I have become one of them--a brain-dead zombie (or zambian, as my wife calls them, or namian as my son calls them).

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