The Democrats act just like a Woman!


That's right,  just like a woman who can never be satisfied and can never make up her mind.  When she gets to thinking the man in her life might like her more than she likes him,  she starts backing up and gets nervous.


  Some say women like to be mistreated... Once I was living with a girl who actually and nearly demanded I beat her,,  yes beat her, as in, ASS Whippin',  I thought she was kidding at first but now I see I might could have saved our relationship but the sane mind said she was setting me up for a date with the State attorney.    I never did any beating and it wasn't long she was unable to control herself, got back on crack and thank God decided to leave and go somewhere else to exercise her mischief.  But not before she set up another way to get me to meet the law, by calling the cops one night and giving this big elaborate story of how I had mistreated her.. etc... Well when there is a domestic dispute in our county someone goes to jail, one or the other, period.   It was me, I had no proof that I had not done anything.  It cost me $3500.00 plus a couple of days in jail, plus my time and effort along with my attorney's time, even his driving ,which I was charged for..  Attorneys  actually charge for cigars! Yes they sit back in a big nice soft chair put their feet on their desk,  light up,  and send you a bill.


What has all this got to do with the Democrats?   I suppose the Special Counsel is still looking for a crime.  When Trump and Kim Jung Un were exchanging heated comments the Dems said he is looking for a war and condemned him.   After Trump and Kim.. that's his last name, the family name comes first over there you know.. signed an agreement to work together to denuclearize North Korea the Dems flipped and now Trump is too too nice and the deal was a nothing burger.  What exactly does that mean.. nothing burger.. Is that like stopping at McDonald's and they forget to put the meat in?  Nothing burger, evidently is on the menu in North Korea , I mean they’re really starving over there.  


Anyway I am so sick of the Dems flipping and acting like idiots.  No one seems to even care about the insanity that is going on over in that party.   Trump jumps on MS-13 and crime and the Dems jump on Trump as if MS-13 was a newborn baby.   The Democrats have an agenda you know,  yeah they throw something up in the air and whichever way it lands they go in all directions,  - bad directions trying to make an issue of everything.  Like an Attorney looking for a crime Dems go sniffing up all kinds of "Fake News".  Can you believe DeNiro?  I always admired him until he turned Mr. nutcake.


I have been divorced twice now, neither time did I want a divorce however the woman either done something unforgivable or either just took off one day never to be seen again -except maybe in a photo.    Did I mention I have been going to a psychiatrist for years and all we can come up with is that I was raised with three older sisters.  Yeah you laugh, but it cost good money for a psych.  I think I have been having a nervous breakdown for about 50 years now.  I just haven't let it come to full fruition, but I'm thinking about it.


For all you women who have your panties in a knot over this article all I can say is that I am sorry,  I'm really sorrow you weren't born a man,  but hey, who cares about that.. now you can just lower your voice and call yourself Cave,   cave....man.


Did I mention my mom?  No way not going there today, maybe some other time. 


When you love women, you know how much effort it takes to look over all their little and BIG issues and you probably now have the ability to love the unloveable.   That's the way I feel about Dems ..been getting there for quite a long time now.  I voted for Obama twice and then watching him turn the government into the New world order. And then there is Hillary, Rice, Lynch, and Holder and all the lies and cover stories, really man,  do they think that white or black magic really works.. might work on their husbands or wife in Holder's case but doesn't work on the people in America who can see through all the smoke.  


I must apologize for relating the Dems to women,  their really much worse.   This country is one bad election close to a chaotic event which might spur some serious civil unrest and now that the country is getting back on it's feet and the future starts looking brighter, just like a woman having some paranoia, the Dems are thinking about a plan to bring in enough chaos next time to take over the Government so thoroughly even another Trump couldn't penetrate the stupidity. 


I changed parties this year.  I have more in common with the GOP now that the DEMs have gone off the Left end.   Dems have four hopes now to get elected; racism, immigration, health care, and the #metoo movement.  Can guys join that #metoo movement?  Soon we might have another #metoo movement about how the Dems have invaded people's personal brain space and drove them insane.  I know a lot of people who could speak up.


Democrats, even the name has that feminine crazy–crat sound.


I hope you plan on saving the country this mid-term election, yeah, might be your vote that breaks the tie.  The Dems are coming for the jugular so we gotta be steadfast and unwavering as we make America Great Again and hopefully make America Healthy again, physically and mentally.


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