DRAFT: If Islam is the religion of peace, why are Muslim countries so violent?

I repeatedly hear Muslims in the US claim Islam is the religion of peace, but fail to see them proving they are by being as or more peaceful people than people of other cultures.  When I hear that I often wonder who they are comparing themselves to, Genghis Khan, the Vikings?


From what I can see Middle Eastern Muslims have had a history of violence and intolerance even among themselves.  Muslim sects have been massacuring each other over trivial differences in their own perception of what a good Muslim is for ages and even today Sunni and Shia Muslims are murdering each other as fast as they can.  Oh and it doesn't stop there, they don't play well with any other religions, and have killed or driven out practically everyone who is not Muslim from many Muslim dominated countries.  


I also hear people say the ones that immigrate to the US are not that way, they are the tolerant ones, the real followers of true Islam but in the US they don't prove that's true.  As a group they are very accepting of others in their midst who