Prosperity is a choice and a solution.

I am a liberal left progressive labor Democrat. I believe a good standard of living world wide would go far in promoting peace. Give people a reason to live for instead of dying for. Over the last 50 years the Republican party focused on improving conditions for their constituents. The Democratic Party spread their focus and got involved in supporting a myriad of issues. Each year the Republicans whittled away at every protection designed to keep the USA a healthy consumer economy. The biggest blows came in 2000 when Representative Grahm of Texas set the stage for derivatives. He was responsible for legislation that legitimized trading that had been illegal under New York State Gaming Laws. He essentially let rivers of money flow from jobs producing investing to outright speculative gambling. People had been losing jobs because of a speculative gambling market. That removed money from the hands of people that would spend it. A prosperous economy needs spending on consumable goods. That is what an economy is, trading in goods and services. As the general population list discretionary money they started shopping more for price than quality. Low labor cost in foreign countries filled the demand for cheap products. That cost more jobs here, further reducing spending and increasing the demand for cheap foreign goods. The answer to creating prosperity is to eliminate non jobs producing investing. Penalize and criminalize 3rd party trading and investing. Reward jobs producing investing. Every thing will still be owned by the same people, nothing will be given away. The result of a prosperous economy is money for all humane programs. The majority population is known for generosity and wanting a clean safe world for their kids.  Penalizing and criminalizing outright gambling and cheating in trading and the stock market can rebuild a safe thriving economy. Then jobs will not have to be taken back because new jobs will be created. Reciprocating laws and practices will be required from trading partners. Nobody gets hurt and millions of people will be lifted out of poverty. Prosperity as well as austerity are choices. Austerity is an abomination and it is a choice. Putting people to work making things to sell is a solution. Austerity is a solution. The only reason austerity is chosen is because it is faster in the short run. In the long run austerity creates hate, discontent and ripens populations for terrorism and destruction. Prosperity takes the same money and recycals it through the population costing nobody nothing. Prosperity is a choice.