Equality -- Question for JP

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Jordan Peterson, you claim yourself to not be a conservative.  I think you claim to be a liberal in the classical sense. Certainly, your history and profession fit that description.


That said.

You say that you advocate equality of opportunity and denounce equality of outcome in forming social justice policies.


I claim that you do not understand that social justice causes like "equality", whether its an outcome or a beginning,  very much produces the dystopia we see today.


I claim that you have not fully thought out the difference between “outcome” and “opportunity”.  Both require, at some point, an unequal application of social justice on any over-performing individual or group.  To have equal opportunity, you have to socially enforce, or legally, at some point, a neutral or equal location in culture.

I claim that all you are doing by advocating "equal opportunity" is shifting the same argument to new territory while appeasing your greatest liberal critics.

I claim that in this century what we will discover, is what we knew all along, that our differences are the best asset we have for us both individually and culturally.  Unregulated competition is the only justifiable and moral means for progress in society. To advocate any politically enforced equality is immoral and will always be a slippery slope to a dystopian future.  The only equality that is moral is a blindfolded woman holding scales of justice.


The availability of opportunities, at any point in time, is a zero-sum game.  Any person has limited opportunities at any given moment.  A college or university has limited enrollment.  Jobs are in limited supply for example.

The only way to increase opportunity is for the individual to change and create their own opportunities.  This is the only "progressive" means to change the zero-sum game.  To presume such that all opportunities be equally available to all is complete socialist nonsense.


"Equality", with any clarifier, is vaporware for socialists programming giving credit where it is undeserved and hence unappreciated while penalizing those that deserve credit the most.



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