The happy single woman myth

I've spent a lot of time around very affluent women in the late 40's and more recently around retirement homes.  The happy single woman's best years are generally over by 40, by then most start to crave what they previously never valued, a family.


Most I've spent time around are wildly successful business women whose career success dwarfs the business achievements of their married counterparts.  All the time and efforts other women devoted to their families these women devoted to their companies, and it paid off, they are very well off financially, but all that I know are sad because they are alone.


On the surface and at work they are all highly respected hard working women who have the world by the balls, but when I talk to them at lunch and dinner, almost to a person, they think they would be happier if they had worked less and had a family.  Many have told me just that.


Many have tried to get involved with other families children, but no family wants the third wheel around all the time.  Many have tried without out success to hook up with someone but the type of single men they respect and want aren't interested in a late 40's executive type woman who works a lot and can't compete physically with the younger women they do want.  Older and affluent men regularly do attract younger women, but it rarely works in reverse.  By then it's really too late to have kids anyway.


Most have tried dating, and many have had lots of flings with younger men that more closely resemble kept pets than real partners.  Oh they were good looking, and good in bed but all lacked the ambition and the brains to be real partners.  The women often settle for short term relationships paid for by them, that usually end when the men get bored with them and cheat.  Most of the men they can attract are good looking losers, little more than arm candy and never capable of treating them the way they want to be treated. 


They have spent their entire lives being strong, independent, self sufficient and tough, but what they crave later in life is a partner that can take care of them for a change, but by the time they realize it it's too late to change.