Embassy move should have been tied to Israel agreeing to end new settlements

We might remind ourselves that during the time the Arabs controlled Jerusalem before 1967 they allowed no Jews access to their holiest site. Israel has always treated the Palestinians better than the Arabs would have treated the Jews. If they had the power there would have been genocide.


That said, I don't agree with Trump's decision to do move the US Embassy now because he lost a bargaining chip. Israel needs to stop building settlements if it does not want a permanent occupation and is gonna have more trouble as the years go by. The Move of the embassy should have been tied to Israel agreeing to end new settlements. As far as the Palestinians they need some pressure to end the status quo, I would begin by pushing to end the funding for their unique refugee agency. Phase it out stop subsidizing their struggle and get them more open to a peace agreement and permanent borders. They are just as responsible as Israel for the stalemate. More Historically than Israel.