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Orbit patterns taking Earth and Jupiter. See the geometric structure which emerges ?


Isn't that fascinating. We know that only 5% of the universe is real matter, and 95% is dark matter, or "something which is nothing" ? Nicola Tesla started to think about that almost 100 years ago, and meanwhile Darwin and the evolution had to be partly rewritten. Chaos maybe a part of the Universe, but there are undoubtedly patterns and logic in its construction.


Can "observation" be "creation" ? Does that mean we are constantly creating our own reality and universe, and if yes, which rules apply ? can put sand anywhere on a square metal plate, and by playing different frequencies the sand on the plate rearranges to geometric structures.


I know that's several subjects in one post, but since I'm an absolute amateur and only beginning to inform myself about such scientific mysteries, I thought that the one or the other of you has heard about such things as well and likes to discuss or explain further if he or she knows more about it.


Have a nice week :-)