Are Pharmaceuticals Best?

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First, let's review from where drugs come.

1) God Made Plants.
2) What is in Plants will cure most illnesses, maybe all!
3) Plants and what is natural CANNOT be patented in the USA!


So Consider: Pharmaceutical Companies can ONLY profit from drugs they have patented. Therefore, Pharmaceutical Companies carefully find what works naturally, then make bastardized copies that they can patent. They then claim the horror they have created is a "breakthrough".


What about the government? The FDA cannot regulate nature. So the claim is that patented fake drugs are approved while natural God made cures are not and cannot be approved by the FDA. This is not a direct lie, but obviously not the truth either. ONLY "approved" drugs (patented fake medicines) that are less efficient and even harmful, can be used in healthcare.


How about the AMA? They get paid off by the pharmaceutical companies with no strings attached. However, if they do not do what the Pharmaceutical Companies want, then the AMA does not get their funds increased. However, if they do what the pharmaceutical companies want, their income from the pharmaceutical companies is increased. So the AMA does not bite the hand that feeds. I understand the AMA has been found guilty of conspiracy against alternative medical practices.


How about the watchdog media? The pharmaceutical companies buy billions of dollars in advertising, with no strings attached. But if the media actually tell the people the truth, pharmaceutical com[panies greatly decreases their advertising with THAT media. So the media watchdogs do not bite the hand that feeds.


How about our legislative representatives? The Pharmaceutical companies contribute to candidates and incumbents on all sides. If the representative votes the way the pharmaceutical company wants, contributions are increased. If not, then contributions are decreased. Without Term Limits, this will continue from the first election won to their grave (Note McCain and Obama).


The Logical conclusion is that the entire medical system worldwide is patterned after the US system, claims that what man makes is BETTER than what God makes. Please consider that Adam and Eve were told not to eat of the tree of Good and Evil. The Serpent, Satin, told them that if they ate of the tree of Good and Evil, they would be as God, so they ate. Are we, as a species, still trying to be a god? Do we really believe we can do anything better than God? Apparently, the Pharmaceutical Companies think so, by their actions and with their dollars.


The US Government will, through Medicare, Medicaid, and Veterans Health, pay for killing the elderly and Veterans, with patented cures that do not work, but will not contribute to HEALING them! Remember you VOTED for this system. Do you now understand why BOTH Democratic and Republican Parties continue the government-controlled ObamaCare, at least in part to protect the medical monopolies of pharmaceuticals distribution over natural medicines made by God, and therefore guarantee profits for pharmaceuticals?


Just Food for Thought.