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This post is meant to serve as an open discussion regarding how I should run the site from the standpoint of moderation.  I figured between the private emails and discussion that sprung up on Jerry Doby’s post, it was better to get it all out in one place.

Let me preface by saying I apologize for attracting anyone to Writer Beat under false pretenses. But as time progressed I've come to the conclusion that, generally speaking, people don't enjoy reading short stories and poems by unknown authors.  Perhaps on occasion they'll read and enjoy something different (like Hack Away at the Unessential or Compassion) but generally speaking they want to debate.  

It has become my mission, from a site traffic standpoint, to facilitate the debate via attracting opinionated writers and stoking the fire via weekly email blasts.  With traffic gradually increasing each week (btw, I’m spending nothing on marketing) I believe this is the right course of action.



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