Keeping Counsel

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Of course this is no site for shrinking violets.  Here we tend to shout first and ask questions later.  We all like the sound of our own voices.

However in my work as a salesman I am continually reminded that I have two ears and one mouth and that they should be used in that proportion.  To persuade you cannot succeed by only being on transmit.  You have to truly understand the other persons point of view.  That means suspending judgement and listening.  It also requires you not to come out with your own opinion.

This is also a great way to travel.  Encourage those that you meet along the way to come out with their ideas.  Listen, even (or especially) if those ideas are different to your own.

It leads to some truly memorable experiences.  It leads to truly connecting with people.  Then, once you have that basic connection, you can, with great tact and sensitivity, advance some opinions of your own.