Immigration Quotas Need to be Enforced

If they believe nobody keeping track of this, think again. The Dream of a Brown America, everyone being dark skinned won't come true. The Pilgrims were European, our Founding Fathers were European, the men who fought the war for Independence were Europeans. The Civil War fought by the Americans, Europeans. Blacks or any other dark race were not a part of any of it, in any numbers that mattered. None of it. Thank God for that. Can you imagine, with these attitudes we see today what this nation would have been if Hispanics or Muslims or Blacks founded it?


We know that in the Middle East, after the Muslim Hordes invaded and conquered a good portion of the world and were at the doors of France before the First Crusade called, these Muslim enslaved millions upon millions of Europeans. In fact to this day, blondes with light eyes are still a prize because they are still stealing women in the Middle East. We see in Africa where they screamed Apartheid, then threw all the whites off the plantations where their families had lived for ages and took all the lands from the whites, in many areas everything falling apart and they want the whites to come back and rebuild the plantations etc. We see nothing but cruelty today in Africa to everyone along with the Middle East. China not much better, they recently burned down Christian churches and beat the people nearly to death. In China for years female babies were killed, now they have more testosterone filled men than women and China is into taking women from other countries. We see the cruelty of N. Korea. On and on.


Now we see what these races think of us, all of us and that if it were come to the point where they ruled, they were the majority don't expect, Welfare, Medicaid, Free Healthcare, Food Stamps, Section 8 Housing, or any help at all. I know for a fact what these men above are saying is true. I was an abused white woman years ago, there was nothing for me, NO HELP from Uncle Sam. I was told sorry you are the wrong color. Someone challenged me to prove it, I did. Don't expect anything but cruelty and inhumane conditions if they ever overwhelm us.


Our immigration laws have Quotas. Sessions spoke of them when Trump ended DACA. We can see why. They are there, as Sessions said to protect the American citizens. Those Quotas need to be enforced and if all the races in this country cannot get along, then we either have a Civil War, Black/Dark vs Whites or we close down all immigration to this country for 30 years. Listen closely to Sessions speech if you didn't hear it, if you will and understand we can't continue to allow anyone who wants to come into this country.


For these races that we have bent over backwards for, who have been free for over 150 years and under the direction of the late, great MLK, something has gone terribly wrong and his niece says so. This wrath, this hatred is being sold to them from an early age. The Europeans that came here and entered Ellis Island along with all the Europeans that came here after WWII etc. NEVER OWNED A SLAVE, in fact the first Europeans who came here didn't bring slaves the British brought the slaves to America. We need to move on in this country or, like I said there is going to be Civil War.