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The following is an email I just received and in the comment thread is my response. 


Dear Autumn Cote,


I am hereby and immediately, revoking my previous permission to use my work as a cross-link or otherwise. Please remove any such link, content and reference to- 'What Happened to Love Thy Neighbor'. For your information, my reasons are as follows:


  1. What you call a cross-link to me, is just a copy and paste of my original content to your site. There is no reference to my blog. Copy and paste was not even accurate. All pictures, as used in my original content were not included. The picture of the eagle with a flag is, part of the logo of my blog and is not part of the content of my article. And there is again, no "cross-link" (your words). 
  2. Comments from those on your site about my content, often stray far from the subject I've written. There were a couple of comments I consider, wholly inappropriate and completely out of context. .
  3. It appears to be impossible to engage others, one-by-one that have left a comment
  4. I do not have the time to respond to every comment made nor do I appreciate my email account being inundated with notifications of comments left. 


Although I appreciate 'fresh eyes' viewing my article and am not opposed to "discussion", comments seem to be more based on a 'free-for-all', say whatever the commenter wants about whatever they want. I am not opposed to criticism, but I reject the unnecessary language and off-topic, out of context comments made.


From your 'About' page, it seems that your site is set up where you and/or any other 'site administrator' find content and then personally contact the author(s) (like me), of whom as you originally wrote to me, was, "well written" and you asked my permission to "cross-link' it. Permission was granted (now revoked), and then it seems comments/notifications are automatic, i.e. 'bots' , software, auto-responder, and etc. It does not appear that any real-person screens those comments, and/or edits them or personally sends the (frequent) email-notifications.


Comments left seem to contradict your (Writer Beat), 'Policies.'


Autumn Cote, I would you and yours, all the best, but 'Writer Beat' is NOT for me or my content. Please remove my content, any reference to my content and my name IMMEDIATELY!


I am saddened that it hasn't worked out for all…


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