A Word About Acting Like A President & Being Presidential: Looking Back at Ronald Reagan As A Role Model

Being "presidential" really does mean everything that it connotes.  Indeed, the connotation of being "presidential" is being professional and to act with professional decorum.


The site, freedictionary.com states the meaning as an adjective:

Adj. presidential, relating to a president, or presidency; presidential; befitting a president; looking presidential; statesmanlike.


Indeed, the whole idea of being "presidential" is to act like a statesperson.  Indeed, a president absolutely must act as his own foreign dignitary and it is absolutely a requirement of the job that such a person act with a sense of dignity and respect.  In general, the American People usually require it to be a "MUST HAVE" as part of the job requirement.


This means that such a person would have to "act with class" without exception and to be professional at all times.  It also requires that a such a person not use profanity, invoke "locker room humor", be crass or be abrasive and reviling in behavior.  I was just 13 years old when Ronald Reagan took office.


And, while I was just the youngest of teens, I could tell Reagan knew how to act - and act with class. After all, he was an actor!


And, yes, without a doubt, you could tell, he knew what the American Presidency called for in terms of professional conduct. Like him, hate him or leave him, no one in America could ever accuse Ronald Reagan of acting poorly in public and without class.



If anything, this President was the embodiment of what it meant to be a person of class and a world class President.  No doubt, I was not nearly sophisticated then as I am now.  I can tell you, in all the years I saw Reagan on television I cannot remember one single instance where he acted "UNpresidential" or without class. Sure, there may have been gaffs, but, then again, no one is perfect and, as far as I know, everyone on the planet is human (and therefore prone to make mistakes).


If Reagan really is the great REPUBLICAN ICON of the Republican Party, maybe the the party itself and their classless cadre of presidential cadets could take a cue from their icon - and learn what it means to be a consummate professional and a person of great class and what it truly means to be, "presidential".


Just saying.


Johnny Fever Added Mar 7, 2016 - 12:22am
Do you think the Iran Contra scandal was a presidential thing to do?  How about the fact he increased the national debt by a similar percentage Obama has increased the national debt?  There have been plenty of good Republican presidents, so please quit it with all this Reagan nostalgia. 
Michael Hathman Added Mar 11, 2016 - 7:00pm
Actually, the TARP ACT was passed under Bush which added $12 trillion to the deficit and the Iraq/Afghanistan War added another $3 trillion.  Obama hasn't spent anywhere near that amount of money. But, I know Republican propaganda experts would have us believe that non-Republicans are the ones crazy with the spending.  Just saying.  But who's counting?  Right?  :)
Bill Kamps Added Mar 12, 2016 - 6:58am
Michael, every President in recent decades had plenty of good and bad attached to their name, including Reagan.  It comes with the territory.  By and large all have acted presidential most of the time, and at least full filled the appropriate appearances of the office.
When Johnny brings up some of Reagan's short comings in office, your response is the playground, "oh yeah, well Bush was worse" which is the typical political response these days. However, bad my guy is , someone else was worse.  It just shows the sad state of affairs in our politics today that we can't acknowledge that all politicians have short comings, and dirt attached to their name.  Some of it is unavoidable, and much of it is the quality of the person we elect to political office. 
Just because someone acts presidential does not mean they are without serious flaws, or are improving the lot of the nation.
All current candidates from both parties have had their moments when they didnt behave presidential during their career. Right now the GOP is going through some changes, the Democrats have been there in the past and it is a messy process.
Michael Hathman Added Mar 12, 2016 - 8:50am
Totally agree Mr Kamps!  Thanks!