Homeowner With A Gun

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By Samuel Hawley




On the tragic night, Jeff Shaw is awakened by his wife who hears intruders downstairs. Shaw grabs his gun and the night ends in two deaths. The issue now is, the victims were members of a violent gang and Shaw and his family are now in fear for their lives. Two questions loom: How are the Shaws going to defend themselves against a gang? Why did they break into the Shaws' house in the first place?

A timely dramatic plot for today's society.


Jeffrey Shaw: 33, has two children, owns a van, produce manager at a supermarket, owns a Bersa Thunder .380, has a brother and a sister, former Army

Allison 'Allie' Shaw: Jeff's wife, works at a property management company, owns a Pontiac Sunfire

Thomas Nelson Montgomery: black, 27, 5'7”, 163, has several nicknames/aliases, ex con for robbery/assault, works at a car wash, gang member

Jewel Montgomery: Thomas' mother, works at Walmart

There are many more characters such as gang members and other bad guys. Some are...unique in personality. Most are characters you would expect to see in a story like this.


Voices do come through. Most of the gang members sound the same. Conversations don't drag.


Profanity. Direct and straightforward writing. There's a variety of angles shown: the gang members avenging their own; the 'community leaders' decrying perceived injustice; the stymied cops; neighbors.

Action scenes are, again, direct, no messing around. It's an interesting snapshot of something that is plausible. Sure, some of it is jazzed up to make it interesting, but the 'reality' of the situation comes through.

So, as to rank. I thought for awhile about green, but when I looked back over the entire book, I remembered the fact the writing was solid, the story turned in a direction I didn't expect, and nothing made me want to just get to the end to be done with it. So, with those points in mind-

My Rank:

Purple Belt