It's time to play chess (why the current situation in the post-Soviet economy resembles the Chernobyl accident)

December 2018


The economic situation in a number of former Soviet republics can be called an emergency. However, the leading media do not speak about poverty, unemployment, dilapidated housing, deceived real estate investors and low wages. This picture resembles a conspiracy of silence, which the Soviet media once surrounded the Chernobyl accident with. But in contrast to 1986, today there is an opportunity to scoop information on the Internet, which actively covers the real situation.


People who caught up with the spring events of 1986 in the Soviet Union remember very well the strange atmosphere of the April days, when the Voice of America radio station had long told in detail about the explosion at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, and the official Soviet media were either stubbornly silent about what had happened, or had being informing about it very poorly, either they didn`t even know nothing or even didn`t want to hear, hastily making up pages of May Day issues with reports about the next labor victories in the fields, poultry and fishing farms, foundry and assembly plants, design bureaus and research institutes.


There was tension in the air, generated by uncertainty, a vague awareness of the great magnitude of the impending consequences of the accident and, it seems, the universal significance of what had happened somewhere in the depths of the Kiev region. After some time, the Soviet press and television nevertheless began, as if reluctantly, to squeeze out in small portions messages telling that the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant was being tested, and during that test, the planned reactor operation was disrupted, which led to the release of radiation.


Since then, more than three decades have passed, during which widely reported by the press major accidents at the Fukushima and at the Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam took place. However, even against their background, the perception of the Chernobyl catastrophe, which was nothing else than a “dirty” nuclear explosion, the most tangible consequence of which was radioactive contamination, did not change in any way either in strength or in the degree of drama.


It was the conspiracy of silence imposed immediately after the accident upon Soviet newspapers and television that made events at the Chernobyl NPP which were well understood even to the schoolchildren studying the civil defense terrible and mysterious, thus elevating them to the level of myth and legend, which are passed on from person to person but do not reach the consciousness of the inhabitant through the channels of official propaganda. Perhaps that is why folklore was filled with stories about mutants and scary monsters who inhabited the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone, so gullible and avid on sensations adventurers rushed towards the station to meet and consider all these “mutants”.


Something similar can be observed today in the sphere of economics in the former USSR: over a quarter of a century after the collapse of the Soviet Union, its former economy generally turned into ruins, but this fact is hardly covered in any way by either television or newspapers. True, they now have a most powerful competitor in the form of the Internet, which has long been filled with information about how unemployment and poverty are spreading in some former Soviet republics. It is worth watching several channels in YouTube (Новости СВЕРХДЕРЖАВЫ, БАРМАЛЕЙКА, Суть времени, Sasha Sotnik , Александр Балу, Д’ Робот Скрепоносный Бузотёр, Волхонский ЛАЙВ) or read the channels in Yandex Zen (Тезис, Uchaev blog, Буркина Фасо ЖЖ, Ермаков Игорь, Общество и политика, Академика, PRO РОССИЮ), as the picture of reality begins to coincide with this very reality.


Shabby housing, deceived shareholders in shared construction, low pensions and salaries, the inability to find work in a speciality or any kind of work at all, the need to save on food and clothing, the huge debt load of the broad masses of the population, high prices for utilities that eat up the lion`s share of pensions and wages, the need to work 10-14 hours a day is what the residents of once-prosperous or non-distressed cities and regions today say about in their blogs and comments.


But this is also not a complete list of social problems brought by the current economic era, which can be called "post-privatization devastation". Recently there were reports that in 2019 in Russia a mortgage crisis could begin, which would lead to a massive eviction of debtors from unpaid apartments and the further placement of their former housing for sale. In this regard, it would not be superfluous to recall that one of the reasons for the sensational global financial crisis of 2007-2008 was the fact that recipients of American housing mortgage loans from the subprime category began to make overdue loan payments and defaults, which ultimately forced them to leave houses not bought from banks.


That same mortgage crisis of a decade ago led to the ruin of a number of companies, including the Bear Sterns and Lehman Brothers. As a result, the American authorities had to develop the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008, also called the Paulson Plan, which provided for the allocation of loans to banks in the amount of seven hundred billion dollars and a number of other health measures.


It is important to take into account that these troubles have fallen on an economically stable America, which, due to its financial status, has considerable freedom of action for dangerous monetary experiments. But where the housing mortgage crisis in Russia, which has long been imposed by various kinds of sanctions, will lead to, so far it remains only to guess.


However, it is already possible to draw the simplest conclusion that, for bank balance sheets, mass defaults on mortgages, figuratively speaking, will not be a positive factor. Accordingly, for those debtors forced to urgently take out the property and furniture from unpaid apartments, the troubles of finding an apartment for rent will not be a means of improving living conditions. Banks will begin to feel the shortage of money, and their bankrupt customers will be faced with a shortage of square meters and grounds for confidence in the future. In fact, the simplified system of approving mortgage loans laid the same time bomb under the economy of the Russian Federation, which the US financial institutions laid out for the US economy on the eve of 2007, handing out mortgage loans left and right.


These phenomena make it possible to call a considerable part of the former Soviet social and cultural space as a territory of an emergency economic situation, which is characterized by the absence of many social institutions that were common in the Soviet Union. There is no former mass distribution of apartments from the housing funds of enterprises, as there are not many of those enterprises still exist. There is no former large-scale agricultural production, as there are not many villages on the basis of which it functioned.


There is also no modern free health care, an ideology of economic development and scientific progress. The system of higher education is in many ways fragments of the Soviet higher education, which almost do not teach and do not give students the profession in demand, while deeply immersed in formalism, useless paperwork and creating visibility of activity. This is not at all the goal that was drawn in the minds of people who wanted to leave in the past the Soviet ineffective socialist economy.


Like the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant, created to give light and warmth, but ultimately pushed off the rails the well-established life of many people, the territory of economic emergency appeared as a result of good intentions to do away with the administrative-command system and entrust the care of the further development of the economy to the invisible hand of the market. In order to return life on this territory to normal, it is necessary to develop its Paulson Plan on emergency economic stabilization.


The struggle of two approaches to managing economy, leading to its revival and decline, can be thus called a struggle of emergency economic stabilization with an emergency economic situation, that is EES against EES (sounds like "chess" in Russian), which, given the English word "chess", can be considered one of the tensest chess games of the near future. Judging by the number of recent rallies against pension reform, it has already struck an hour to start this fight, and the opening combinations have already been played.



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Stone-Eater Added Jan 11, 2019 - 7:38am
Sounds like Europe and the US in a few years. Might also be a fact that useless sanctions on these countries exaggerate those problems......but that's another discussion....
BTW: If you look at the education system in France and in their former African colonies, it's the same. We gotta look here first and not think that here everything's better. The devil is in the detail and what our MSM don't tell us.
What's better: A minimal education for everyone for free or a higher education that only wealthy parents can pay ?
Webmaster Added Jan 11, 2019 - 8:04am
Stone-Eater, "What's better: A minimal education for everyone for free or a higher education that only wealthy parents can pay ?"  This a question I have been thinking about not once. Ironically, I had some experience of teaching in universities. And now I know it exactly that free education is the worst form of education on Earth. Students simply do not study when their parents don`t pay for it. Moreover teachers often do not teach but just think how to make a visibility of work as they do not want to share knowledge but want to get the salary. So free education is a form of socialism so no wonder it immediately turns into marasmus. Every side of life which is ruled by socialism perverts this side of life and turns it into the appearance of activity. No wonder that students do not get any education during 5 years and 90% of them become unemployed having nice and fresh diplomas. This is a terrible picture of socialist free education achievement. BUT! Have you read the article by Nassim Taleb target="_blank">The Intellectual Yet Idiot? I really agree with the fact that so called prestigious higher education which is probably paid for gives almost the same zero result that free education does!
Dino Manalis Added Jan 11, 2019 - 8:50am
 The former Soviet republics need pro-growth pro-business policies to increase investments and revenues to improve people's lives.
Webmaster Added Jan 11, 2019 - 8:59am
Dino Manalis, surely they need the new capitalist approach to managing the economy, but the fact is that they are still governed by former communists, who still have socialist thinking. For example, Putin has been a member of the CPSU since 1979, a significant part of the leadership of his party, United Russia, also grew out of the ranks of the CPSU. That is, the Soviet Union is long gone, but the Communists still rule the former Soviet republics.
George N Romey Added Jan 11, 2019 - 9:35am
The Soviet people are very used to adversity.  Unlike Americans that think they can continue to lead the good life with crummy jobs but make the difference up through Visa/Mastercard/American Express, no money down car loans that stretch for 7-8 years, department store credit cards, personal lines of credit and when that doesn't work there's always payday lenders and online vulture lenders (perfectly legal now since our wonderful Congress tossed usury out the door).
When all of this comes crashing down its Americans that are going to be in for a rude awakening.  Although I doubt they're ever have the brains to understand the difference between Trump, Clinton and Obama are superficial at best.
I'd bet on the Soviet people over Americans anytime.  They're no pussies. 
Even A Broken Clock Added Jan 11, 2019 - 10:31am
Webmaster - excellent article. I really appreciate hearing a perspective from a country where we do not receive much knowledge about other than what propaganda is foisted upon us. I think your use of English is very good, and your prose stands you in good stead.
You mentioned the accident at the Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam. I do not recall anything about this. Can you provide more information on what this accident entailed? Thanks.
Webmaster Added Jan 11, 2019 - 10:56am
George N Romney, it`s really the truth that "The Soviet people are very used to adversity." But they had a short period of prosperity in 2000s because of high oil prices, and from 2013 recession and stagnation are ruling again. Now the poverty and unemployment are spreading quickly, so 2019th Putin`s New Year's greetings of the people speech in YouTube had a record number of dislikes and abusive comments. Adversity, poverty and deprivation are easier to endure when they surround from birth all the time without breaks. But after the recent prosperity period filled with luxury purchased on petrodollars (from 2003 to 2009), it will be very difficult to get used to poverty again.
"When all of this comes crashing down its Americans that are going to be in for a rude awakening."
All of this can really unexpectedly collapse, as I judge from Greg Hunter's numerous interviews with various experts in his Watchdog YouTube-program. Almost all of them say that some terrible period of economic collapse is approaching. Catherine Austin Fitts even found 21 trillion dollars of the secret debt of America, about which they do not speak in MSM. And if the US debt is indeed twice as large as official debt, then there is the threat of a collapse in the value of the dollar, which will entail noticeable changes in the American and the entire world economy.
"I'd bet on the Soviet people over Americans anytime."
It sounds great, but probably the Americans still have a lot more experience in living having large debts to banks. The former Soviet people today for the first time faced the growing size of consumer loans, delinquencies and defaults, the inability to pay the mortgage due to massive layoffs and lower wages. There were already cases of suicides of borrowers who took mortgage loans a couple of years ago, when the economy was somehow stable. So they need a certain ability and experience how to live on credits, especially when there is no money to make loan payments. But instead of urgently looking for a new job and salary, many of them just take new loans in order to pay off the old ones, and thus only aggravate their family and personal financial problems.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 11, 2019 - 11:25am
I believe there is going to be a major global accounting ... no pun intended ... very soon. Unfortunately, historically at least, this has almost always been preceded by major warfare among the global powers ... I hope we can at least avoid that much this time. Apart from that, I can do with some financial adversity ... certainly easier than dealing with another global war. 
Webmaster Added Jan 11, 2019 - 11:28am
Even A Broken Clock, many thanks for the positive feedback, you can easily expand your knowledge about the country bypassing propaganda, if you watch the channels in YouTube with subtitles in English and read blogs through Google translator. In my article, I have given some links to the YouTube channels and blogs where you can learn about the real situation. Surely they speak Russian but now it can be easily automatically translated. Thank you very much indeed for the positive feedback about the level of my English, today knowledge of English serves as a pass to the big world and by the way, the whole career of Chinese billionaire Jack Ma began with the fact that he was learning English hard.
Here is a link to Wikipedia article in English about the 2009 Sayano-Shushenskaya Dam accident. Here is a link to video how the managers instead of struggling to prevent a catastrophic development, fled in panic from their jobs and thought only about saving their cars. If I remember correctly, then 75 employees of the station, who were in the engine room, were killed, they probably just choked in the water. The cause of the accident was the heavy wear of the turbine that produced the electricity. That turbine broke out of the supports and opened the way for the water to the machine room. There was a real threat of flooding downstream settlements, but one courageous worker climbed up the dam to a height of 200 meters and opened some emergency plugs there which gave water a free way through the dam. It seems later this employee was given a reward and promoted to manager. Later, a new turbine was made in St.Petersburg, carried to the Dam and installed there instead of an old one.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 11, 2019 - 11:39am
A lot of the fallout and aftermath from Fukushima could likewise have been prevented from the installation of solar or alternative means of generating electrical energy after the loss of power if I remember correctly. 
Webmaster Added Jan 11, 2019 - 12:43pm
Ward Timpton, "I believe there is going to be a major global accounting ... no pun intended ... very soon."
Most likely, it will be like this, because the guests of Greg Hunter often talk about the debt accumulated in the whole world, it seems about $ 220 trillion, which will never be paid back. If the economic authorities of the countries do not take any measures to pay the debt, some countries may go bankrupt, which may lead to a drop in the standard of living there. Nowadays world war is not the only way out from the global crisis as economic instrument of seizure of assets for debt appeared. So bankrupts will simply loose their factories, ships, lands and so on. It seems to me that another global war is not in the interests of transnational corporations that already own property around the world. It is unlikely that they will start a war with themselves.
"A lot of the fallout and aftermath from Fukushima could likewise have been prevented"
Of course, it was not necessary to build nuclear power plant where earthquakes can occur. It seems to me that nuclear plants should be replaced by solar and wind generators as in case of natural disasters they do not make so much harm as radiation leakage does.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 11, 2019 - 12:55pm
220T in debt ... that is the funded liabilities, it does not include the unfunded liabilities ... but it is debt that has been loaned to governments around the world by the banksters, and then the governments force us to use that debt in the form of fiat currency ... federal reserve notes ... which back the global economic and financial systems. All of this is mirrored in off ledger accounts and was never intended to be paid back, but to enslave the people to the banksters. 
Historically, when the war was over, those same banksters would come in and print pretty new numbers on pretty new little pieces of paper, and loan it to the governments and start the same ball rolling all over again ... meanwhile, any and all payments on those debts to the banksters must be made in hard assets ... assets with an inherent value and not payable through debt based notes ... in other words, it is not meant to be paid off ever ... just to transfer ownership of all assets to the proverbial money changers ... the banksters. 
No. I mean the backup system at Fukushima was fuel powered and not operated. Apparently nobody stopped to think that it would be impossible to get in there and fuel the generators in case of a leak. Had those systems been automated, much of the later part of the catastrophe could have been prevented. 
Ward Tipton Added Jan 11, 2019 - 12:55pm
Welcome back by the way.
Webmaster Added Jan 11, 2019 - 1:14pm
Ward Tipton, "it is not meant to be paid off ever ... just to transfer ownership of all assets to the proverbial money changers ... the banksters." it happened recently in Greece which lost its shipyards, recreation centers and even the main highway. Everything was taken to pay debt and surely it were "banksters" who took the country`s assets for the debts.
"nobody stopped to think that it would be impossible to get in there and fuel the generators in case of a leak."
Now I understand the problem and the only one question comes up : why did the engineers get their big wages, if they didn’t even think about the simplest backup power system? And it happened in technically advanced Japan. Apparently, its level of technical progress was somewhat overvalued.
"Welcome back by the way."
Thank you very much, it`s really great to come back here and meet again so many experts knowing so much about economics, politics, finance and technology. Thanks to them, the value of my articles increases, so on my site I put links to these discussions.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 11, 2019 - 1:25pm
The Chinese have recently figured this out as well ... as evidenced by their efforts in Kenya, Ecuador and Sri Lanka. 
If you want to better understand economics, I would really suggest Confessions of an Economic Hitman and The Creature from Jekyll Island. Both very enlightening ... and perhaps you will see why Putin so prefers BRICS as opposed to the "federalized" western central banking system ... whether you love him or hate him as the case may be, he is spot on about the dangers of western banking and finance. 
Webmaster Added Jan 11, 2019 - 1:55pm
Great, surely I would like to read both of these books, Putin really has no any choice except to look for complete independence from western banking and financial system. For several years western world through the sanctions does everything to push Putin in the direction of building his own banking cards operator (analogue of Visa and Mastercard may be), his own Swift system and all the other analogues of the world banking systems, from which he is more and more disconnected. And dangers of western banking are really clear, moreover they are widely discussed by western media, so it is not a secret at all that some more safe financial system should be built. Putin has a goal to dedollarize settlements between Russia`s trade partners and there were some news he had discussed this project with China. Surely dollar can loose its monopoly moreover so much is said about the dollar bubble and its possible deflating
Ward Tipton Added Jan 11, 2019 - 2:11pm
I believe my email is in my profile, I can send you the information there, but Google should also provide a number of sources where they can be obtained as well. 
Webmaster Added Jan 11, 2019 - 2:42pm
Thank you, I have already found through Google both of these books so only some more time is needed to read them. Now I will go to Mad Mad World as STFB kindly invited to watch new Greg Hunter`s program.
Webmaster Added Jan 11, 2019 - 6:00pm
Mogg Tsur, there is a lot of common sense in your idea, but in this particular case, which is referred to in the article, official television and newspapers are still largely Soviet-minded ones. They inherited from the former totalitarian propaganda open lies, playing with statistics, imposing a certain position and other dictatorial methods. Therefore, the Internet, which is still poorly controlled by the state, against the background of openly misinforming or simply ignoring a number of issues state propaganda looks like a source of real truthful information about what is happening around.
Text blogs and personal YouTube videos are not produced by the editors of national newspapers and television channels, but by ordinary people, often living in the provinces, where the standard of living is much lower than in the capital and regional centers. The audience of these blogs can easily compare their content with the surrounding reality, and if they see the slightest signs of lying, they will immediately realize that state`s officials have bribed the blogger and now he, too, has become a tool of misinformation.
To help one famous true opposition blogger to talk about hard life and insecurity, many people send him photos of their dilapidated cities and towns, and he sets out his thoughts against the background of these photos. You can watch his videos yourself, and although it’s not very convenient to read subtitles in English, it is easy to understand the general meaning of his plots which is criticism of the Russian president, government and their policies. His channel is therefore called "The News of the Superpower", which sounds very ironic given that he talks about the failures and disasters that occur in Russia due to poor governance.
George N Romey Added Jan 11, 2019 - 6:14pm
As long as new debt is printed to cover the old debt that can’t be paid the Ponzi scheme will continue. There’s no bankruptcy because there’s never a default.
Imagine you lose your job but your employer continues to pay you. That’s what we have with sovereign debt that can’t be paid.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 12:20am
"Mogg Tsur, there is a lot of common sense in your idea, but in this particular case, which is referred to in the article, official television and newspapers are still largely Soviet-minded ones."
So it functions in much the same way as American television. 
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 1:23am
Got it. My love for the language exists insofar as it is so very precise, though I fear I would never be able to truly master it. I have been offered land to move to Russia, though I daresay, given the present socio-political climate, I am ... hesitant ... to say the least. I would love to visit, but in all honesty, I have never had the opportunity to travel there as of yet. In the few meetings I have been party to that involved Putin, his was a vision of a restored Soviet Union ... the former USSR or CCCP as the case may be, and was most concerned about the undue economic influence of the West ... and oddly enough ... foreign (American) meddling in what he deemed to be Russian affairs. 
While I have to an extent, developed an alternative form of governance to a very limited degree, it is based on market capitalism ... as we will never enjoy truly free markets, with the system of checks and balances being weighted between corporate interests, (those who pay the bills) the government, (those who regulate at some expense) and the people (those who are directly impacted by legislation and regulation) and while it has received positive feedback from many third-world nations, I am not sure how well it would be received in Russia and if I can ever create the opportunity, I would like to implement these programs, even on a more limited scale ... though I do not think such would be possible in Russia, even among the more tribal peoples in Siberia and along the Easternmost portions of Russia. 
Webmaster Added Jan 12, 2019 - 4:36am
George N Romney, "That’s what we have with sovereign debt that can’t be paid. "
Any financial pyramid is doomed to destruction, and if America does not begin to pay its dollar debt, then dollar will simply lose its value and cease to be perceived as currency. Any paper or electronic currency is a convention that relies on the trust of the two parties of the transaction to each other. When this trust disappears, this conditional currency loses its strength and value. The first wake-up call for the dollar came when Nixon refused to exchange for gold the dollars that Charles de Gaulle sent him in some ship.
Webmaster Added Jan 12, 2019 - 5:31am
Ward Tipton, "So it functions in much the same way as American television."  
It`s really bad that American television uses the same tricks to conceal information, which were widely used in the work of the Soviet media, all of which were under the full and hard control of the central apparatus of Soviet power in Moscow. I have repeatedly met information that American TV has become a propaganda body, but this will only lead to a loss of confidence in it and the rise of private blogging, information for which will be sent from everywhere by viewers and readers who want to see on the screen the surrounding reality but not beautiful fiction with high salaries, cheap food, the absence of high unemployment and huge set of old and half-destroyed dwelling houses.
I have been offered land to move to Russia, though I daresay, given the present socio-political climate, I am ... hesitant ... to say the least.
There are two famous western sportsmen who recently moved to Russia -  Steven Sigal and Jeffrey Monson. The first one was discussed as a candidate for governor in some area in the far east of Russia, and Monson is already a target="_blank">deputy in the Moscow region. Surely they can try to build some political career in Russia and may be get some high government positions, but western free way of thinking already led to the fact that Monson openly target="_blank">criticized Putin.  So it is not surprising that the Russian protest masses have already target="_blank">inclined Deputy Monson to their side, and he has already target="_blank">spoken with them to help deceived real estate investors. It seems to me that Monson, with his straightforwardness, is now quickly putting Russian political liars on their shoulder blades — this is a result of appearance of a new person in local politics, who is not accustomed to everyday lying.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 6:10am
Gerard Depardeaux moved there as well ... spelling may be off ... there is one major difference ... all of them are financially quite well off. 
Webmaster Added Jan 12, 2019 - 7:58am
Sure, I wanted to mention him too, some weeks ago he changed the city of dwelling it seems from Saransk for Novosibirsk. He was one of the most famous western actors in Soviet time so together with Pierre Richard was invited to make a visit to president Gorby and both of them were met like superstars. No doubts Depardeaux has a lot of money but the same time he chooses to live in the Russian regional centers where apartments are much cheaper than in Moscow. So it seems to be a French approach to spending money: no matter what country you live in, do not buy there everything most expensive, but save money for the future, and you will not loose nothing.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 8:05am
For me it is easy, I have no disposable discretionary income LOL
Webmaster Added Jan 12, 2019 - 8:13am
Great, so search for regional centers with affordable prices for apartments and large airports so that you can quickly get to anywhere in the world.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 8:48am
I do not exist at the moment. My legal fiction died in 2012 and I am still working on building a new one ... which is expensive by local standards, but not overly difficult at least. If I moved to Russia, it would be to the Eastern portion where there are beautiful winters and lots of meat that can be put on the table. 
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 8:48am
Northeastern Siberia perhaps ... maybe close to the coast if possible so I can do some fishing as well? 
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 8:49am
I have often wondered if I may not be able to get funding for the establishment of a harsh-weather facility there ... seeing about growing crops in harsh environments and providing power and other "modern conveniences". Something like that I would greatly love and go there in a heartbeat. 
Webmaster Added Jan 12, 2019 - 9:51am
The fact that most unusual foreign projects may be quickly implemented was well illustrated this summer by recent World Football Championship. Many foreign people came to Russian cities and some of them expressed a desire to get local citizenship. Moreover one Englishman who liked Kazan city a lot, wrote in Twitter he would like to somehow stay in Kazan and work there. As a result, city administration contacted him. Another foreign football fan has become a most famos person during 2-3 days and now he is a TV- and YouTube - star. His name is Tomer Savoia, recently he came to Moscow to celebrate New Year and was interviewed by some TV-channel. What about "harsh-weather facility there ... seeing about growing crops in harsh environments and providing power and other "modern conveniences"" I have seen news about a man from Southern America who came to some very cold Russian region to grow some crop or animals in greenhouses which he built and the same thing was done by some Japanese company also in the extreme North of the country. So just search for them through Google (Yakut-Japanese greenhouse project) and I will look for more information too. This industry you talk about is quickly developing there so just contact Chamber of Commerse of the region you have chosen and they will answer you.
Webmaster Added Jan 12, 2019 - 10:14am
Recently a bridge over Lena river was discussed with Putin as big Yakutsk city needs it a lot, so I guess some fishing in Lena is really possible but it would be an extreme fishing in a weather very cold LOL
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 1:45pm
No worse than Alaska ... and some of us are masochistic enough to love it ... not to mention the firmness and taste of many of the coldwater varieties like salmon in the Black Dragon.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 12, 2019 - 1:46pm
Bridgebuilding is not one of my personal specialties however, so still looking up the Japanese greenhouse project and talking to some of my people to see what is ready to go. And how many of them would be willing to join me in such an environment. 
Webmaster Added Jan 12, 2019 - 2:05pm
Webmaster Added Jan 12, 2019 - 2:10pm
Judging by the headlines, it's really very cold there in Yakutsk. From a man who worked on a gas well in Yamburg, I heard that at minus 50 degrees Celsius, they didn’t even turn off the engines of their cars there, because otherwise they wouldn’t be able to start engines later. That is, with such a cold, the engine should work around the clock.
Webmaster Added Jan 12, 2019 - 2:32pm
"Bridgebuilding" -  this is a problem which the journalist posed to Putin at a recent press meeting with him. The matter is that without a bridge across the Lena River, the 300,000 people of Yakutsk are deprived of year-round transport links with the big world. This is the only major city in Russia where the railroad does not go, so in some periods of the year when ice drift is going the only way to cross the river is on hovercraft, the ticket for which costs 1,000 rubles. In spite of such a price there is a great crowd on the bank of the river of those who want to get on the small hovercraft, the rest have to wait for its return, and wait again in such a terrible cold. In this video at 3:35 point you can see this moment.
Nobody's Sweetheart Added Jan 13, 2019 - 12:39pm
Interesting post. I was stationed in Germany when Chernobyl happened, and we went on full alert. I was kind of blown away by the sudden collapse of the USSR and the entire Eastern Bloc; I thought the Cold War was going to end in a very, very, VERY HOT one, despite Gorby's policies. The West is obviously a very bad source of info about the East. Robert Gates, former U.S. Defense Secretary, was the chief "Sovietologist" at the CIA, and him and his buddies studiously misread and completely missed the unfolding situation. Intelligence people are like weathermen in the sense that they can be frequently outright WRONG, but still able to keep their jobs.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 13, 2019 - 12:47pm
And now I know it exactly that free education is the worst form of education on Earth.
I don't agree. Here in Switzerland Primary school and Secondary are free, and I see no problem there. Kids study. Only university is not free, but there youths can get a stipendium of the state to be paid back later, and the majority of the kids make a 3-year apprenticeship in a company where one works 2 days full time and learns practice while going to school 3 days. That system has been introduced about 70 years ago and stood the test of time.
Stone-Eater Added Jan 13, 2019 - 12:52pm
Surely dollar can loose its monopoly moreover so much is said about the dollar bubble and its possible deflating 
Before that happens the US will go to all-out war. Dead-surely. They will never accept to give up the anglophone world dominance.
Webmaster Added Jan 13, 2019 - 2:18pm
Strangely enough, although by 1990 the United States and the USSR had accumulated nuclear weapons so much that they could destroy all life on Earth 16 times, which is simply amazing, the Cold War never turned into a Hot one. Probably, mutual hostility turned out to be weaker than the desire to burn alive or to turn into steam in 2 seconds, as it happened with Sarah Connor in her nightmare in the movie Terminator-2.
I know that in the West there is some fascination with the greatness that the Soviet Union possessed, and probably with its collapse, the West lost part of its sense in life. However, being the person who personally felt "Soviet happiness" I least of all wanted these communists` lies and deceptions to continue further on.
I wrote an article on this topic and published it on my website, condemning modern attempts to revive the formal greatness of the post-Soviet space by restoring the USSR. It was a slave-owning state that kept its citizens in stable poverty and fear, there was no freedom of speech, there was an Iron Curtain and there was an antihuman invention called socialism.
Perhaps in Switzerland, education on the basis of socialism is developing successfully, so it remains only to wish it good luck and great success. As for the free education in the USSR, it was the same torture system as everything else in that evil empire: universities, army, factories, science.
Well, there are real chances the US will try to start the war but until Trump is POTUS these chances decreased as he was nominated to Nobel Peace Prize. If Clinton won she would have started the war already on the next day. But Trump tries to solve the dollar-bubble-debt problem through reviving local production and taking US factories home. I think that the world escaped the 3d World War thanks to Trump`s election but the dollar`s problem is still great and heavy. I follow it at Disqus under the programs by Greg Hunter, recently he spoke on similar topic again, so you may watch yourself how many aspects dollar-bubble-debt problem has.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 13, 2019 - 5:02pm
The educational system in the US definitely needs to be radically changed. Teaching to the test, punishing kids for being kids and drugging anyone they cannot control ... education in the US has failed much more than just the students ... the American educational institutions have failed the society itself. 
Nobody's Sweetheart Added Jan 13, 2019 - 6:27pm
I've worked with numerous ex-Soviets over the years, and they all have a remarkably similar response to the question of whether Reagan was responsible for the demise of the USSR. They very angrily deny that Reagan and the gang were responsible; it collapsed under the weight of its own corruption and banality, things that are also consuming the U.S.
Webmaster Added Jan 14, 2019 - 2:21am
Michael B., they told 100% truth, as USSR state machine was systematically committing suicide, and according to some estimates, by 1989 the internal collapse had passed the point of no return. The last major success was the launch of the unmanned space shuttle Buran in 1988.
Ward Tipton, the fact that US education does something wrong may be seen through the mass shootings often occurring in educational institutions, about which not so long ago the news reported several times a year. This suggests that the moral climate there is very harsh, and contradictions are resolved through the killings.
Ward Tipton Added Jan 14, 2019 - 7:55am
"This suggests that the moral climate there is very harsh, and contradictions are resolved through the killings."
Or that morality, like family and religion, is being usurped by the State ... the State has sought to replace all with a complete dependence upon government. 
Webmaster Added Jan 14, 2019 - 3:34pm
I agree with you about the fact that "the State has sought to replace all with a complete dependence upon government. " as such an opinion appears even from an outside overseas observer. So US probably need some additional independent educational system or for example external or distance education too. Surely the current state of education, in which news reports about shooting in schools and universities several times a year, is a dead end.

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