How much has changed over the years

Some people seem to have no sense of being embarrassed - ever.  Yes, they have the right to speech, and they expect NO consequences of their actions and speech.  Too bad for them, as eventually they will run into someone who will take them down a notch or two - or worse.  I have no complaint whatsoever whenever there is a difference in opinion - that is totally fine, but when someone uses hate speech without provocation, that is totally different.  After all, they claim to have their feelings "hurt" by words that they use all the time, and as far as I am concerned, when such words are used indiscriminately, repercussions are inevitable, irregardless of their feelings.

I just say "Tough."  They want to bring me down to their level, they have a major problem in that I don't deal with children, no matter what their physical age.  If you wish to call that "censoring", you are right.  But considering that I was born before the USAF was created in September 1947,  I have grown up in a world where if someone said some of those words in public, they'd be either in a hospital or worse.

And why has the civility and politeness suffered?

Think of it in terms of being responsible for your own actions.  Before, if you went on someone's property in any manner other than to visit, you could well have been shot.  This included the police, and I am not joking.  The police were required to politely knock on your door, but never at night.  They could hand you whatever papers were used - search warrant, arrest warrant, or whatever - but they could not barge in with guns drawn.  They would have been met with an equal firepower.

Then, in the 1950s and later, there were pushes and campaigns, and laws passed to outlaw "harsh treatment" of criminals.  The death penalty was abolished, or made so complicated that decades might pass before the sentence was carried out.  Moreover, the requirements of the sixth amendment were glossed over, with trials being held behind closed doors, where the public was excluded from the deliberations.  The sixth amendment specifically states a speedy and PUBLIC trial.

Now, what about the death penalty?

When a murderer kills someone by planning or simply as a malicious act, that murderer is now placed in accommodations for anywhere from a few months to up to life in prison.

Where is the incentive to stop a repeat of the crime?  Not only is the murderer allowed to live, he gets free library, Internet access, TV, health care, food, clothing and exercise as he sees fit.  His victim(s) get none of that.
I think one of the worse things ever passed as law was the removal of public executions.


Because no one sees the horrible results that come with the consequences of breaking the law that carries a capital punishment.
I have watched the degradation of society that closely parallels that of Nazi Germany, where I grew up due to the fact that my father was military and assigned there right after WWII.  I literally played in bomb craters next to buildings that only had a couple of walls still standing.  I know well what Nazi means, having talked to many survivors of that time personally.  The USA is in the same throes the Weimar Republic was in the 1930s, and I tell you - it is scary to see the criminality experienced by the Germans repeating itself in the land where I was born - the USA.  I remember well the 48-star flag of the USA.
The Democrats have shown themselves as Nazis in so many different ways, stifling speech, advocating "in your face" activities, such as creating mobs (which they certainly do not like that word), and marching in lock step politically, not allowing dissent within their own ranks.

Worse, they are using lies as a weapon, and for many ill-informed, it is working.  It is just too bad that the ill-informed will soon become fodder for the very ones they support.

Sure, they call conservatives "Nazis" and blame conservatives for everything they do, but look beyond their rhetoric:  They are violent, ignorant of basic decency, and many of them post most hateful of statements, then complain if we use the same words on them.  But the main stream media is the propaganda arm of the liberals, the Democrats are the equivalent of the Nazi party, and their tactics are right out of the history books that the Nazis used to spring Hitler to power.

The sad thing I see is the rise of another Nazi uprising pushed by the liberals and the Democrats, only this time it is not the Jews being targeted, it is the Caucasian and later, the Latino.  Count on it.