EMP Would Kill Most Americans

Because of my research on the coming POLE SHIFT, I have long expected an EMP from a cosmic event, but on a scale far worse than the Carrington Event of 1859…  Of course there is also significant risk of a made made EMP weapon being used by Russia or China, or even North Korea or Iran.  Excerpts below are from an article I found at SHTFplan.com: http://www.shtfplan.com/headline-news/emp-commission-warns-of-year-long-blackout-and-a-massive-death-toll_05102018

“A federal EMP commission report warns that even the smallest EMP attack on our grid system would down it for about a year, if not longer.  A year-long blackout would certainly be coupled with a massive death toll that would devastate entire populations.

The so-called EMP Commission report said that this threat is very real, jeopardizes “modern civilization,” and would set back living conditions to those last seen in the 1800s. As a result of the chaos, millions would likely die, according to the report titled “Assessing the Threat from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP),” from the recently re-established Commission to Assess the Threat to the United States from Electromagnetic Pulse (EMP) Attack.


“The United States — and modern civilization more generally — faces a present and continuing existential threat from naturally occurring and man-made electromagnetic pulse assault and related attacks on military and critical national infrastructures. A nationwide blackout of the electric power grid and grid-dependent critical infrastructures — communications, transportation, sanitation, food and water supply — could plausibly last a year or longer…

“A long-term outage owing to EMP could disable most critical supply chains, leaving the U.S. population living in conditions similar to centuries past, prior to the advent of electric power,” said the July 2017 report provided Secrets.

In the 1800s, the U.S. population was less than 60 million, and those people had many skills and assets necessary for survival without today’s infrastructure. An extended blackout today could result in the death of a large fraction of the American people through the effects of societal collapse, disease, and starvation,” added the executive summary.

Three reports on the issue of an EMP attack have been declassified by the Pentagon and seven more are awaiting clearance. Among those declassified documents, was a report from Peter Vincent Pry, who served on a prior EMP Commission and is executive director of the Task Force on National and Homeland Security, spelling out the human toll of an EMP attack on the electric grid. He also advises the current commission.  In “Life Without Electricity,” he said the results would be horrific for most, as the vast majority of Americans have virtually no survival skills. He believes the whole year would look something like this:

  • Social Disorder: Looting requires a dusk to dawn curfew for those not wanting to risk their lives. People become refugees as they flee powerless homes. The workforce becomes differently employed at scavenging for the basics, including water, food, and shelter.
  • Communications: No TV, radio, or phone service.
  • Transportation: Gas pumps will be inoperable. Failure of signal lights and street lights would impede traffic and all traffic would cease after dark, but not many would even have a functioning vehicle anyway. No mass transit metro service and all airlines will be stopped.
  • Water and Food: There will be no running water. Stoves and refrigerators will be inoperable. People will have to melt snow, boil water, and cook over open fires. Local food supplies will be exhausted. Most stores will close due to the blackout.
  • Energy: Oil and natural gas flows will stop.
  • Emergency Medical: Hospitals will have to operate in the dark. Patients on dialysis and other life support will be threatened. Medications administered and babies will be born by flashlight.
  • Death and Injury: Casualties from exposure, carbon dioxide poisoning, and house fires increase.

All of these should be kept in mind when prepping for the worst,” whether just for an EMP as described above, or the aftermath of WWIII/nuclear war – which could have an EMP as a small part of its troubles – or the electromagnetic energy pulse that apparently emanates from our galactic center in regular intervals of around 13,000 years and causes pole shifts.


Do you make ANY preparation for such possibilities?


Jeffry Gilbert Added May 13, 2018 - 8:16am
Do you make ANY preparation for such possibilities?
Yes. It would be foolish to go into detail however. 
I say the sooner it happens the better. Then again I don't live in DUHmerica anymore. 
Thomas Sutrina Added May 13, 2018 - 8:18am
And what is so wonderful about the millions the politicians want to spend on infrastructure is that the electric power lobby is preventing hardening the grid for EMP to be done with a chicken feed.  Congratulate your power company when you pay your next bill.
Leroy Added May 13, 2018 - 8:20am
And, it is also preventable.  I have heard that it would take five to six billion dollars to resolve the issue in the US.  That's peanuts to avoid a disaster.  It would be money well spent.  It would put us at an advantage militarily if the US weren't so vulnerable.
Dino Manalis Added May 13, 2018 - 8:41am
We should be on the lookout, but stay calm and logical.
Kurt Bresler Added May 13, 2018 - 9:23am
I think Donald Trump took you seriously!  And I am sure he is planning to do something about it.
Kurt Bresler Added May 13, 2018 - 9:42am
That is,  If we had another 8 years of Hillary/Democratic mentality nothing would have been done because we would have been flying the white flag of surrender to the enemy so they wouldn't have to blow us away or at least shut our lights and lives off, and of course since we would have had an open border, we could just run down to Mexico and hide, should they actually make a mistake and hit us with an EMP.
The lack of preparation for this goes to the lack of leadership we have had in this country!!,   Can you imagine if this were true, and we are all assuming it is,  it is totally asinine that nothing has been done about it. 
Of course when the Country is going broke and the leadership cares more about giving away food stamps than doing anything which might even give the hint that someone doesn't like us... like someone saying.... "Can you believe terrorist don't like us Americans, really the thought!"
We must have a "SHUT-UP and STOP the Democrats campaign!
As depicted in the 1983 movie The Day After, EMP figures prominently in the attack:
Jeffry Gilbert Added May 13, 2018 - 10:01am
Of course when the Country is going broke and the leadership cares more about giving away food stamps than doing anything which might even give the hint 
Oh my Buddha! I thought I was gonna like you.....
Get rid of the 80x more corporate welfare before begrudging the poor a few meals.
Even your imaginary guy in the sky was rumored to admonish his followers to do that.
Katharine Otto Added May 13, 2018 - 11:26am
I think it's dangerous to be so inter-dependent.  The urban areas would suffer first and probably worst.  Sounds like an EMP from outer space could be completely impersonal, large or small, and hit at random.  People like Edgar Cayce predicted a pole shift, but he wasn't clear on what form it would take.
I've always wanted to get off the power grid but may not realize it in my lifetime.  However, I still believe it behooves people who can to have at least some type of power back-up from solar panels, windmills, or the like.  
It bugs me that the Pentagon is spreading paranoia about the possibility.  The MIC is heavily invested in creating fear by making ominous predictions about things that may never happen.
Bill H. Added May 13, 2018 - 11:47am
David - Great article! This is a subject that all Americans should be concerned about. The technology to protect our grid is available now and is being used on military installations and other government facilities. Some years back there was some efforts being made by converting switching facility interconnect networks from wireline to fiber optics. When I worked in the communications industry for a major carrier, we worked closely with the power utility company on hardening the grid locally. This included "joint trench" agreements, installation of fiber interconnects, and helping map redundant backfeeds.
There is tons of info at this site that everyone should read:
To those who like to point fingers, do some research and you will find that efforts to implement power grid EMP protection have been stifled by both parties over the years.
George N Romey Added May 13, 2018 - 7:05pm
Our power grid is something out of the 1930s when FDR under the New Deal finished electrifying America.  No, I imagine it wouldn't take much to take it down.  Remember back in 2003 when the grid went down widespread in the East for a few days?
Even A Broken Clock Added May 13, 2018 - 9:37pm
David, are there functional differences between the damage caused by a solar-caused grid failure (induced voltages, large scale transformer destruction), and that caused by a weapon? I don't think that the solar incident would fry electronics, but I don't know how much induced voltage would happen from an EMP weapon. I'd be curious to know.
Stone-Eater Added May 14, 2018 - 5:14am
David Montaigne Added May 14, 2018 - 7:44am
Two nuclear detonations high in the atmosphere roughly above Utah and Kentucky would fry everything in the (continental/lower 48) United States.  Wit massive international help, it would take at least 2-3 years to rebuild, and most Americans would starve or freeze to death (without massive friendly foreign aid) before the power would come back on.  If instead of diverting world resources to helping Americans, the powerful nations of the world seized the opportunity to conquer whatever they want, China, Russia, Iran, etc would likely acquire additional empire, while America would lose easily 80-90% of its population, and take way more than 2-3 years to rebuild in isolation.  Realistically, a nation like China could probably invade the United States by year 2 or 3 under the guise of finally providing aid, and meet little resistance.  I'd rather face the scenarios depicted in my books....
Leroy Added May 14, 2018 - 8:20am
The flaw with your theory is to assume that the US would not respond.  The US has military assets all over the world.  If China were to launch or take advantage of such an attack, the US would either respond in kind or perhaps with annihilation.  I shudder to think about what would happen to China in cities like Beijing and Shanghai and even second-tier cities with all their high rise apartments.
Not everything would be fried.  Your iPhone, for example, is likely to survive.  The cell towers might be fried, but your iPhone would still work.  Your car would likely still function, even though pumping gas might be a problem.  Although we get our components from countries such as China, I think we would find ways to get our systems up and running quickly at some level of functionality.  For instance, a transformer or motor can be rewound.   Not every component would be taken out.  A system could be cobbled together.  If wouldn't operate optimally, but there would be electricity.
Rusty Smith Added May 14, 2018 - 10:15am
I believe the speculation is wildly overly pessimistic, I would not expect disruptions to be nearly as long as speculated and hardly expect people to do things like "flee their powerless homes".
I don't doubt a well place EMP could take the "GRID" down but the grid is a convenience not required for individual power plants to operate and provide power to their localities.  The GRID is an administrative convenience that makes it possible to share power between different parts of the grid.  If parts to fix it were not going to be available to months, I believe most areas would just start operating independently.   Many areas might not have enough power for a long long time, but most would have something.  
No one is going to flee their homes because there is no where else to go to.  If it's winter and they can't get the heat on for while some who can't get to a warmer place might die, but most would just be uncomfortable.  People do live in places without heating and aid conditioning, lots camp in the snow for fun.
Leroy Added May 15, 2018 - 8:33am
Here's an article that debunks the EMP threat, at least the man-made threat.  I don't know what to make of it.  I always assumed it was settled science.  It appears that it may have never been settled.
Bill H. Added May 15, 2018 - 11:31am
Here's an article that describes past recorded EMP events during history.
If EMP hazards are nothing to worry about, then why have US Military installations, government facilities, and many telecommunication facilities invested in protection?
One good example most of us have witnessed is the effect of lightning on power grids. Many power outages are caused by strokes of lightning that don't even make contact with the power equipment or the ground in the vicinity of power equipment, being the result of an induced pulse similar to what occurs within a transformer.
Is it possible that even this subject will become politically tainted here on WB?
Leroy Added May 15, 2018 - 3:07pm
I've always believed that the EMP threat was real.  My provided link calls that belief into question.  Your link is interesting and seems to re-enforce mine.  It interprets the data differently and comes to another conclusion.  It seems much like global warming.  A few data points were taken and models were developed to prove global warming.  Models and calculations prove nothing until they match reality.  There seems to be no real proof of widespread EMP damage.
Lightning strikes do a lot of damage.  I've never known one to take down the entire system.  The mechanisms are different.  I am not sure it is a useful comparison.
David Montaigne Added May 18, 2018 - 7:27am
"A congressional committee report states that a large electromagnetic pulse (EMP) inundating America could cause 90% of Americans to die.  The EMP is inevitable.  The dead Americans are not." https://www.americanthinker.com/blog/2018/05/america_and_the_emp_threat.html#ixzz5FqoURsP6
"The nuclear bomb EMP effect was confirmed by the 1962 Starfish Prime test.  A nuclear bomb was detonated 250 miles above the Pacific Ocean.  It knocked out some electrical equipment almost a thousand miles away in Hawaii. The Starfish Prime test was done with a "primitive" nuclear weapon.  Since then, some countries have developed specialized nuclear warheads for the exact purpose of creating larger EMP effects."
I have seen articles that dispute the validity of such pulses, but the articles seem ridiculous.  Some of them even claim that nuclear weapons are a hoax and don't exist.  EMPs can be caused by any power surge, from lightning to nuclear weapons to a solar coronal mass ejection hitting the Earth like the big one in 1859, when we were lucky to not have very much technology to lose yet.  All airplanes in flight would crash and burn, and all electric grid and communications network wiring would be fried.  It is a real threat, and billions are being spent to harden many systems against the possibility.  But that will only protect the most critical positions, not the nation.  I think more should be done on a larger scale, as the odds of an eventual EMP, natural or enemy, are very high and the damage would be catastrophic.
Leroy Added May 18, 2018 - 8:57am
David, I think we should take prudent steps to protect our system.  But, how much protection is enough?  If you want to protect your house from a voltage spike due to lightning, you can do it for less than $200.  Is it complete protection?  No.  It will protect up to the rating of the device.  It won't help with a direct hit.  What level of shielding do we need?  Do we protect against a hundred year solar storm?  A thousand year?  Anything possible?   If our enemies have specialized EMP's, can we even protect ourselves against it?  Maybe a few billion gives us some protection and makes us feel safe.  Complete protection is impossible at any cost.  How much are you willing to spend on car safety?  My bet is that it is not infinite.
Joe Chiang Added May 19, 2018 - 6:17pm
Okay all:  First, am EMP is not needed to bring the USA back into the stone-age.  Several teams of terrorists bomb maybe 12 substations all over the US.  Then two to five days later hit another 12, then another 12.  Substations are "soft targets" and interdependent. 
Replacement parts are also limited.  30-40 substations down at the same time would be difficult to replace, especially with limited replacement parts.  The ONLY solution is to decentralize the power supply and shield them from EMP bursts.
My invention would do this and be shielded from EMPs.  It has been independently valued at over $400 million AFTER a full scale prototype has been built.
With my cancer, I do not have the funds or inclination to move this forward.  I am offering my invention for no up front money (just small royalties after it is production).  So far, there has been no interest.  I anyone here is interested, I will give you my contact info and get you a NDA and we can discuss this.  BTW:  I built a prototype that showed a 400% improvement in power production.  In other words, 2 mph of wind will generate the power of 8 mph of wind.
Joe Chiang Added May 19, 2018 - 6:19pm
Please look past where letters did not print and fat fingers hit wrong or additional keys.  LOL