On Target

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By Mark Greaney




Court Gentry, former CIA, now makes his way as an assassin. He’s hired by his Russian boss to kill the leader of Sudan. However, former members of his team want the president kidnapped instead. If Gentry will fall in line, all will be forgiven.

A good adventure story with a mission that goes awry, which proves to show that the title is false. Lol.

My Analysis

I enjoy a good international intrigue, spy, assassin story. This one was pretty good.

A disappointment was that Gentry spend a good portion of the book rescuing a woman. This is fine, but I thought she might show up later in the story with a relevant part. She did show up later, but was summarily dropped from the plot because the person she is supposed to help rescue is killed. I didn’t understand that. Bring her in, then let her go, then bring her in near the end...but don’t do anything else with.

I also thought it a loose string that the situation with his Russian boss was left hanging.

Good believable action with some creative ways thought up by Gentry to escape danger.

I would read Greaney again.

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