The Burgas Affair

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By Ellis Shuman



When a terrorist blows up a bus killing innocent people in Bulgaria, Boyko Stanchev and Ayala Navon are thrown together to help investigate the case. However, each of them have personal issues to deal with that may hamper their efforts. The problems they run into are leads that go nowhere and a people from Stanchev’s past who may be out to kill him. Will the two be able to survive long enough to solve the case?

This story is based off of a true event-the bus bombing-that occurred in 2012. Although the plot was laid out well with the important parts all there, I felt the book a tad long, especially when the two main characters are put together to run down a lead or two, then split up, then are back together for another couple leads, then split up, then...yeah, you get the picture. I also felt some of the back story was too lengthy.


Boyko Stanchev: 35, works for the Bulgarian State Agency for National Security, smokes, divorced, dark eyes

Ayala Navon: 28, Israeli Intelligence analyst, thick black hair, dark eyes, brother dead

Ivan Zhekov: commander of the Burgas District Police Directorate, stocky

Kamen Petrov: detective

There’s also a bad guy named Damian, also known as The Hunter who is the antagonist in the story. I think the characters were well developed. A lot of information regarding the two main characters including culture, family, and history. This is where the back story becomes lengthy. Interesting and the relevant points are part of the story.


Sometimes weak, especially by Ayala, but otherwise voices are pretty good.


Some profanity, but not too much.

Clean with no mistakes that I found.

Pretty decent story with some good action. The climax was good, although I didn’t quite understand the part concerning Navon and the danger she faced and why it turned out the way it did. I was a little off on that point.

The twist-a traitor-was not difficult to comprehend and, really, there is only one person it could have been.

I found it interesting that the original case, the bombing, was solve to completion...just as the real event hasn’t yet been completely resolved.

Still, a pretty good smooth story and if you like a lot of back story, this one is it.

I’ll give it the rank I chose because, for me, the extra stuff could have been trimmed, but I still enjoyed the main story.

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