Beacon Hill

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By Colin Campbell



Jim Grant is not having a good day. First, he rescues a kidnapped child and irritates on of Boston elite when investigating a shooting. But he is blamed for being on the scenes in the first place and proceeding in all the wrong manners. However, the shooting turns out to be more involved than Grant imagined. Bucking authority, he steps deeper into danger and discovers a scheme with international implications.

Interesting plot. I enjoyed Grant getting in deeper and in more trouble as the story goes along and him defending himself. The plot opens up more and more and the revelation is pretty astounding.


Jim Grant: British, cop

Daniel Hunt: drives a white Mercedes, wealthy

Terri Avellone: Grant’s girlfriend, pharmaceutical representative

Bill Hoyt: 35, police captain

There are a few more characters but almost none are given any physical description. Maybe one or two here and there. This made it difficult to have a mental picture of them. For the most part, I thought the characters were pretty good, each playing to his/her role.


Grant has a decent voice as does his girlfriend. Hunt is distinguishable and Hoyt does the angry captain bit pretty well. Conversations stay on track


Book is in Parts.

There is a bit of POV switching here and there and the omnipresent POV sort of works. Maybe it’s my preference to have a scene stay with a particular character. Switch on the following if desired.

Other than that, I have no problems with the story. I didn’t see any grammar/punctuation/misspelling errors. The story rolled along pretty well with no drag time. Some good actions scenes.

Some of the writing could have been tighter, but it was nothing to get too distressed over.

Basically, a decent story and the climax was worthy of some of the cool hero-defeats-villain movies.

I thought about the rank and though it’s not quite Purple, I thought it’s a very strong

Green Belt