The Legend Of Dollaretta

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The Legend of Dollaretta Vol 1. Cover

By Cherry Gunzenhauser

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Vampire Demice Chevalier is still having difficulties with her aunt’s recent death. Her mother enrolls her in a convent that instructs teen vamps. In this convent, though, strange things happen. Rumors and secrets abound. Plus, there’s a story that nobody is supposed to tell-but do anyway-about a previous student long ago whose passion was dolls. It is said that death surrounded her and she is said to still be around…

Not long after Demice-call me Demi- arrives, there is a suicide...but was it really suicide. Or an accident...or something more?

So, a convent for vampires. With a tale of a previous student said to maybe still haunting the convent. Interesting.


Mariya Chevalier: married with daughter, sister dead.

Demice Chevalier: Mariya’s daughter, dark hair, plays piano

Gaby: freckles

Angelica: dark hair

Alek: Demice’s cousin, mother dead, dark hair

There are several other students and the Mother Superior type nun. With this type of book, information is scant and background information comes when it’s spoken about.

One concern I had was that at the beginning, there was a short story of the origin of vampires. Then we jump to the convent of vampire students...but after that there’s hardly any mention of their being vampires. A few rules (don’t drink any other student’s blood), but hardly any discussion or characterization of their vampiness. I thought the vampire aspect might be played up more.


Demi’s voice and the head nun’s voice come through. The other female students sound similar but that may be because they’re all teen females (Okay, okay, no emails chiding me on my stereotyping. Work with me here). But many of them are snarky and cynical.

Because of the type of book this is, there is a LOT of dialogue. A lot of explanation, repetition of concerns and issues.


Since this is a graphic novel, I’ll add in art, since that is part of what makes a cool comic book/graphic novel. The story and the artist go hand in hand. I’ve seen great art and crappy story and the other way around. The art in this book was a bit manga-ish with everybody having pointy chins and similar hair. This made it a bit difficult to distinguish some characters. When Dollaretta is featured or between chapters, the art is color, otherwise it’s black/white.


Going back a bit to the repetition of questions/issues, this made me wonder if the story was going to conclude or develop past a certain point. For instance, there a scene where some of the students go to the cemetery to find closure after one of the students dies. I thought there might be more action or some supernatural woo-woo going to happen. But during the long walk, there were questions and partial explanations, but I don’t know that it advanced the story any.

Not much action. A little eerie stuff with Demi during the nights and a brief introduction to Dollaretta.

The book ended on a minor cliffhanger and when it did I wasn’t for it. Not the cliffhanger, the ending. It was like I walked into a sudden brick wall after enjoying the stroll in the park. Whoa! That’s it?

Well, yeah, that’s it...until you pick up the next volume which will continue the story.

That was my main concern. A good intro, a bit of development and a sudden ending that left me wanting more explained/concluded before it ended.

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