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The Feathers (origional)

By rcheydn




There is a serial killer in London who leaves mutilated bodies around the city. Woman are disappearing and being cut up. Detective Inspector David Maguire and his partner are on the trail but so is a pesky reporter. Plus, the local politicians are up in arms about the continuing body count.

Ooh, a grisly serial killer story. I thought premise was fine. There are problems but the actual story, per se isn’t too bad.


Zachary Tighe: 30, reporter, former cop

David Maguire: Detective Inspector

Martin Walden: Maguire’s partner

Joan Maguire: Martin’s wife, attorney, has 4 sisters

There are other characters and, for the most part, everybody is okay. You learn a lot about Tighe and there’s some fascination between him and Joan. The bad guy is different and I wish I knew more about him. Not much background information on him and that’s unfortunate considering there’s a ton of other info about other things, which I’ll address later.


The only problem I had here was that the victims didn’t sound like victims. Too reasonable sounding and talky. “Oh my goodness, what’s that? A straight razor? Are you going to shave me?” Okay, that’s paraphrasing a bit on the actual words but would a kidnap victim wonder if she’s going to be shaved?


Profanity. Tighe’s chapters are 1st person POV. The rest are from Maguire or the killer or the victims’ POV.

So, here are my problems. I mentioned not knowing much about the killer. I didn’t completely understand the ritual he has with a bunch of feathers he keeps around the house. I just didn’t comprehend their significance and no real explanation was given. I was hoping for something at the end.

This was a problem because the author spent a LOT of time building up scenes with a LOT of background information on London areas and laws and myriad other stuff. I don’t mind a bit of background, but get on with it. There was a lot of buildup at the beginning before a significant point was made. All this intro stuff made it difficult for me to get into the story. And, the info dump took me out of the story when the good action parts came up.

I think Maguire’s words were incorrect. The reporter wrote up something Maguire didn’t like and thought that Tighe had ‘broken the case wide open’. He was upset because he thought Tighe had ruined the chances of catching the bad guy. However, the normal use of that phrase, ‘break the case wide open’ usually means the vital clue has been found.

Anyway, a pretty decent story otherwise. Take a chance but be aware of some of the obstacles.

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