Lying In Vengeance

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By Gary Corbin

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Peter Robinson has a problem. Well, several problems. He’s found a new girlfriend, Christine, a woman who was on a jury with him. The trial was held for a guy accused of murder. One of the problems for Peter is that he knew the man was innocent...because he himself was the murderer. Unfortunately, Christine has discovered this fact, also. And she wants Peter to continue his killing ways by taking care of an abusive ex boyfriend. Another problem for Peter is the guy who was accused (and was found innocent) has shown up at Peter’s place of employment...wanting a job.

This is a complex little tale that becomes more complex with just about every chapter. There are some twists and not everyone is who he or she claims to be. A good little tale with some interesting intrigue.


Peter Robinson: 33, divorced, works at a lumber & building supply company, has siblings, drives a silver Ford Ranger

Christine Nielson: drives a Miata

Frankie Kowalczyk: ex employee of the lumber company

Kyle: has a brother, blond, brown eyes

Some good characters. No real description of Christine and it’s never revealed how she pays the bills or from where she gets her money. I kind of liked her because I thought she was an innocent woman in distress. But she’s more, so much more.


Good voices. Conversation stay on track. Nothing over the top.


Titled parts.

Continuity problem: Peter drives a Ranger in one scene and in another the truck changes to a Ford F-150, then back to a Ranger.

Not much wrong with this book. Little action that isn’t very tense and each ends pretty quickly. This is more psychological than shoot ‘em/blow ‘em up stuff. It moves pretty quickly. I did enjoy the twists. The ending left me hanging but not necessarily in a bad way. Some good character development.

As for rank although I did enjoy it, it didn’t excite me as much as some others. But don’t get me wrong, this is not a bad book. I think I found one or two misspelled words but otherwise punctuation/grammar was good. So, if you want a decent, well presented mystery, this is a good read.

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Green Belt