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By Duncan McGeary




Barry had created a little piece of paradise in his southern Arizona backyard—until the javelinas came. 

His battle to rid his property of the wild pigs soon escalated into war. Too late, he realized these weren't ordinary animals. They were something new, something meaner and smarter. These pigs weren't just at war with him; they were at war with the human race. 

And the humans were losing.

My Analysis

What a great concept for a movie flick. I would love to see this on the screen. It’s just believable to be “Hey, this could happen.”

There are several characters around which the story revolves, each having their own adventure and problems with the pigs.

This is a trilogy (What?), so what could books 2 and 3 hold in store.

This gives some very basic information on the origin of the super pigs and there are typical, “Yep, he’s dead” scenes.

I think reading the book might have been better than the audio, just because the imagination might have been better encouraged.

My rank:

Purple Belt