The Witches Of Wildwood

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coverBy Mark Wesley Currant


Wildwood, New Jersey and the surrounding area are home to strange events, creatures of the night, and evil. Welcome to a collection short stories all centered in and around this town...and enter if you dare.

The Girl In The Attic: Who is the enigmatic woman in the attic...and why must she die?

Dante’s Inferno At Castle Dracula: A fireman’s past haunts him at another fire.

Neptune’s Revenge: A musician is mesmerized by the lead singer of a band.

Night Of The Wildwood Dead: A sailor on a whaling ship experiences horror from Haiti and sees it brought to Wildwood.

Captain Harvey’s Seafood Palace: What do you do with an infamous food critic who loves to trash restaurants?

Showdown At Angelsea: A stranger challenges a veteran/bar owner to a duel.

The Fortune Teller Machine: An arcade features an old favorite.

Jersey Devil: A wealthy man confronts one of the best known monsters of the East coast.

Werewolves Of Dennis: What happens when a late night radio talk show hosts criticizes the wrong person?

Swamp Beast Of Grassy Sound: A WWII vet and a mysterious creature from the swamp.

The Witches Of Wildwood: It’s a quartet of witches against one lone preacher.

Some of the stories were pretty good. Others were predictable. I thought all, except for some problems-discussed later-were well written.


A lot of them, but I’ll highlight a few:

Gracie: late 60s, landlady, has daughters, smokes

Cody Myers: teen

Veronica Martin: blonde, 16, spiky hair, pierced nose, short

Vince: smokes pot, plays guitar

Gus Harvey: former TV star, owns a restaurants

Belmus K. Fritch: food critic, 30s, wears glasses

Just a taste. I thought all of the characters were well thought out, well-developed, and none resembled another. A pretty good cast in the stories.


For the most part well done. Some good accents, distinct voices.


Profanity in a couple stories. A couple incorrect words and some misspelled words.

Two continuity problems:

In on scene, Gus drives an Impala and a couple pages later, the car changes to a Lexus.

The second one is in the last story and I have to set up the scene. Wilkes is a preacher determined to kill the witches- Ali, Jaz, Zoey, and Maya. After a chase, the four women capture Wilkes and hang him from a set of chains in a boathouse. They cut off his big toe, then leave. I guess I have a small issue with the mindset of the women thinking Wilkes would die of blood loss. It’s a possibility, but they went off to celebrate without making sure. Anyway, Wilkes escapes, subdues Ali and hides her in the trunk of the car. He’s there too, waiting for the other three. When they do return, Maya stays in the car while Jaz and Zoey investigate the boathouse. Maya opens the trunk and out pops Wilkes. Wilkes takes care of Maya but Jaz and Zoey attack him. There’s a fight and Wilkes kicks Zoey away while still holding Jaz’s wrist. He retrieves the gun and points it at Jaz runs at him from the boathouse. Here’s the problem. How did Jaz get back to the boathouse when Wilkes was just holding onto her wrist?

Now, this book has been published for several months. I was sent a Proof copy, so I hope that these errors have been corrected along with the spelling/incorrect words and everything is fine in the published copy.

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