The Case Of The Invisible Souls

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R. Weir



The homeless in Denver are disappearing. Well, they’re accepting offers from strangers and never seen again. Didn’t they understand the rule about not accepting rides from strangers when they were children (okay, that’s not part of the plot. I’m having fun here). When private investigator Jarvis Mann accepts the case to look into the disappearances, he runs into trouble almost from the beginning. But that’s the nature of Mann’s cases.

For a short story, it’s a good plot. Very well laid out and presented. It might have made for a longer story, but for what it is, it’s pretty good.


Jarvis Mann: private investigator, drives a Mustang

Parker Turner: homeless, former military

Louise: silver hair

Brandon Sparks: construction company owner, 50s

Samantha: pastor, black, muscular, former military, tattooed, lavender/blonde hair

Some good characters. Jarvis might have been given a bit more background, but if you’ve read the previous books in the series, you would know.


Characters don’t speak in contractions. Not so much as other books, but enough to notice, but this is common with Weir’s novels. A couple ‘ly’ adverbs on the 'he said' tags, but not enough to get upset about.


Clean, no errors that I could see. No profanity. Pretty straightforward with some insight on the homeless issue. I have enjoyed several Mann plots and this one is no exception.

Yeah, pretty short review this time, but when there aren’t any major issues to point out, it’s just a matter of saying this is a good book and I wish more of my review books were as good.

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Mark Hunter Added Aug 28, 2017 - 12:00am
Well, any character who drives a Mustang can't be all bad.