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By J. L. Gregory




This is a collection of stories about mothers. This is not a collection of stories that praise and show how wonderful mothers are. This anthology of anecdotes gives a peek behind the curtain of reality. Some are funny, some are amusing, some are sad. All are charming tales that show mothers who are quirky, loving, exasperating, frustrating, and how some cope with situations in unique ways...and the reactions and observations of those who grew up under those mothers.

Some of the stories include:

- A mother’s cooking in the 1950s

- A mother at church trying to make friends

- Why a woman won’t eat beets

- A woman’s words help a college student

- Two women’s thoughts on their mothers

- Mother’s change after retirement

- How one mother rid herself of baubles and collectibles

- How cooking kills skip a generation


Mothers, of course. Elderly, young, divorced, married, widowed.

Sons and daughters who are counselors, mothers and parents themselves, retired.

Though the stories show some interesting aspects of mothers, don’t forget that these stories come from the observations and experiences of those who had these people as mothers. How their lives were affected, and how those experiences were passed on to their children. Sometimes it feels as if the people telling the stories are in the background but they’re really not and when I kept that in mind, it made the stories that much more enjoyable.


The bits of conversation fit each character and without a lot of background information or description, I knew who and what kind of person spoke. From the shy student to the irascible, complaining mother, to the grieving widow


A few incorrect words but I skipped over those.

It’s a short book, quick read. A nice taste of life with mothers with some humor (I enjoyed the story of how one mother disposed of her collectibles), some sad moments. Most ended with some joy that the people would be okay after their experiences.

Well written slices of life from a lot of perspectives. This might make a good Mother’s Day present.

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