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When the electricity utility heiress Alexa Manchester tries to give the world a great source of electricity, sabotage causes havoc and transforms her into a super being. Able to fly and fire bolts of electricity Alexa becomes Electromancer.

And just in time, too, for there is an evil force brewing, wanting to control the world. Momo and his henchmen who have created the Big Zapper.

It’s a fight for power, literally and figuratively, as Electromancer squares off against Momo. But she is not alone, for in the midst of battle, here comes another force to reckon with-The Blue Arrow.

Oh wow! I had fun reading this book. What an excellent plot. A new superhero book. I thought this plot was well crafted and well delivered. It made me want to believe in superheroes again. It threw a couple of twists that I didn’t see coming and sets up for a series...if Daco would like to write another book.

And I wish she would.


Alexa Manchester: parents dead, owns a power plant, 29, blonde, blue eyes, wealthy, owns a cat

Bigelow ‘Biggie’ Bitterman: 4’11”, drives a sedan, black hair

Sigfried Sawyer: 37, chauffeur/butler for Alexa, azure eyes, short sandy hair

Zachary Zero: alcoholic

Bobby Baumgartner: 37, mayor, owns a gold Lamborghini

What a wonderful cast of characters. I loved every one. From the elder council members to the slutty twins. From Alexa's uncle to Professor Slipter. Great names, distinctive personalities. Great comic book characters without going over the top...well, not too much.


Of course the voices were all there. You knew every character by the words and tone of voice. Conversations were wonderful to read. I think there is just the right amount of dialogue. I think, too, there is just enough comic book bad guy dialogue to keep it humorous, yet, dramatic and fun.


Daco knows how to write.

No profanity except for a very minor instance. Chapters are headed by location, time, etc. Varying lengths of chapters, but mostly short.

A couple misspelled words.

Action is succinct and doesn’t drag.

As mentioned above, the story is presented with a well thought out sequence. You have the introduction to the heroine, the bad guy, and a couple of fun changes in characters. I won’t play spoiler, but the comic book fun doesn’t end.

And romance? Oh yes, there is a bit of spark (pun intended) between two characters.

If you want a fun read to escape from the world, this one is it. I love it. I want more.

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