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By Hank Shaeffer



Ex-vice cop Eddie Fuentes just got bounced from the Oakland P.D., not an easy thing to do. Now he’s back in Redwood County, trying to figure out how his dope grower dad went off a bridge. And there’s this very sexy redhead who’s a little too good to be true.

Shanna Black is a drug lawyer in the crosshairs of a DEA investigation. She thinks Eddie could be part of her exit strategy — if only she can lure him into a certain situation without her client finding out.

Meanwhile, there’s a professional killer with a maniac for a kid brother and a shotgun-toting mom. And don’t forget Eddie’s old pool hustler pal, Russell George, a Native American developing his own little project called the Redwood Casino.

Sorry, I couldn’t think of any other way to describe the plot, so I took the blurb from Amazon. Let me say, there is a lot going on in this story. It’s complex with connections here and there.


Eddie Fuentes: former cop, blue eyes, light brown hair, dad dead

Shanna Black: lawyer, red hair, divorced, smokes

Russell George: American Indian, graying long hair

Dick: President of West Coast Lumber, thin blond hair, pale blue eyes

Actually, despite the comments below, the cast is interesting. A nice variety of personalities who develop throughout the book.


Good voices, but a lot of conversations with few beats between people speaking. I think this is one of the problems I had with this book is that everybody talks. A lot. Too much sometimes.

Otherwise, there are tag lines that shouldn’t be. ...” she smiled. Smiled is an action, not a way of saying something.


Profanity. Titled chapters.

Okay, so problems I had with this. This book goes on for a long time with little action. There are many stories happening and I’m not a big fan of four or five subplots, especially with this many characters. For me, the story took awhile to develop and to get every story line straight and I admit, I lost track of things about half way through. I didn’t understand why certain things occurred other than to have another story going on.

Having this in mind, the book was clean of errors.

For me, this book was long and drawn out and I lost interest. One of the reasons is I thought this would be more humorous and it wasn’t.

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